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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


is the Ides of March and boy does it feel like it! Events and setbacks have made it feel like Friday the 13th.
No, the charity does not want the piano. This has upset M and she has promised to 'have words' with them.
Hearing on the wireless and following on TV news reports about Japan has added to a feeling of helplessness.
Then, tonight I searched high and low for car keys...drawers were emptied and checked thro' several times without success. Problem being OH insistence on chauffeuring me...
So I tried to wrack my 'brains' and remember when I last used my keys. Blank as usual. Coat pockets were emptied, then I remembered the bitterly cold weather and went thro' the pockets of my winter coat...Success!!!
And now my laptop is playing up, the mains lead only works intermittently, the battery warning symbol keeps appearing...


Jan n Jer said...

Sounds like your having a bad day...hang on its almost over...Tomorrow will be better!

Joy said...

So a frustrating day all round. I'd have your clavinova, if you lived close enough! :0)

J x