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Monday, 21 March 2011

ought to be Fun Monday but...

At long last the home-makes for charity are finished and going to St Paul's Eye hospital.
Between us MJM have made...
Easter chicks with crème egg inside (300)
Ducks with crème eggs inside
Bunnies close-up
Easter baskets
Mr. Bunny
and family


Jan n Jer said...

This are all sooo cute...what a nice craft!

Sayre said...

Wow - you've been a knitting fiend here lately, haven't you? That's a lot to turn out, but I'm sure the recipients will be absolutely thrilled!

joanygee said...

Would you believe they've asked for more knitted bunnies! But I need a bit of a break! Thank you for stopping by.

Faye said...

Oh, the bunny family is right off the cute meter! You knitters are going to be very popular when the lucky recipients get their knitted critters.