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Saturday, 12 March 2011

tiredness rules

It's been a long day! OH took me to catch the 8.45 train to Manchester. Then a short
walk to the Uni with heavy rucksack on my back. Yes, I took the laptop and cables, also packed lunch and flask of coffee!
Had to ask for directions at reception, but made it to the right room. Joined by someone who introduced herself as M. Yet another M to the collection. After a chat we discovered we both have dogs, like science subjects and live a short way from each other.
I pulled up some documents which helped us thro' the morning. Forgot t say tutor arrived 20 mins late having battled Manchester's road system and got herself lost so she was in quite a state. Flustered to put it mildly.
I'll draw a veil over the tutorial, suffice it to say I got cross a few times but kept quiet until I could bear it no more. Bad habit from old days of knowing I knew facts and couldn't let untruths go unchallenged!
Decided to catch an earlier train 15.16 and a surprised yet pleased OH collected me from the station.

Boy was I glad to get home...


Joy said...

It sounds a most wearisome day for you, one way and another. Have a good rest today.

J x

joanygee said...

Very true, but I did learn s couple of useful things. Jx