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Monday, 7 March 2011

Fun Monday

Our Fun Monday host - Georgia Girls at In good company sets the meme
To Splurge or hypothetically to 'steal'...

Splurge is the easy ask
1. Renew the garden fencing (pay someone) not DIY
2. Caring for our two canine companions
3.Treat myself to yet more gadgets probably some by Apple (grin)
4. Pay for our canine companions to be looked after at home while we to go on holiday
5. Take OH and tour Iceland; stay in luxury accommodation.

'steal' ahem...
1. Pay for our health care instead of waiting for the decrepit NHS
2. Clothes with posh labels, I wear 'cheap' bargain or best buys usually
3. Take OH out for meals without having him complain about the price!
4. Go for a weekend at a country spa hotel with my BFF
5. tba


Faye said...

Seeing your travel list Joan I just read a book and saw film that you may enjoy--"Smilla's Sense of Snow" by Peter Hoeg. It's Denmark and Greenland not Iceland but still cold and has a scientific focus. I'm with you on the value of paying someone to do some of the around the house repairs. Not much on DIY. And those dogs, they deserve a lot!

Jan n Jer said...

thoe are two great list. I hear you on the health care cost!!

joanygee said...

Thank you both for stopping by.
Faye: thanks for the book title and author I'll certainly have a look for it.

I know we have the NHS but if you want to be looked after speedily you need to go privately.