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Friday, 4 March 2011

post 251

Today M's having problems with her newly installed central heating system and the other M's running late as her hairdresser also had CH problems. Elder doglet (girlie) has had an upset it's been a mixed day. Both OH n I have had problems keeping track of the days this week (grin) one of the results of retirement. Also we split our Thursday morning shopping into two mornings because of yesterday's inclement weather.
So with one thing and another the week has disappeared.

The knitted bunny 'family' is progressing nicely. I decided that having done 'mum', dad, and baby girlie it'd be a good idea to do a smaller baby boy bunny. M has completed 'mum' and girlie and has embroidered the face on daddy bunny. Hopefully I'll have finished the last one by Monday. Then I must take some pix!

1 comment:

Joy said...

I find that in holidays - I can never remember what day it is. A nice problem to have!

J x