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Thursday, 12 August 2010

24601 Jean Valjean

Today, we went to Manchester by train and thence to Salford by tram. Lunched at Bella Italia opposite the Lowry theatre. Had a mochachino and thoroughly enjoyed it. The waiter brought extra coffee to ensure it wouldn't be too sweet. He really was a sweetie-pie!
A short walk across the plaza took Barbara and I to the Lowry.
Les Misérables, 25th anniversary production. 3 hours of wondrous special effects and glorious music.
The theme is still playing in my head!

Journey home :(
Walked thro' a cloudburst / downpour from theatre to tram stop. Luckily we both had brollies with us!
But, we arrived just in time to see the tram disappearing down the line.
There were puddles everywhere, the shower passed over only to be replaced by more of lesser intensity.
Announcement... "owing to adverse weather, the next tram is delayed"!
Manchester, England, Adverse weather! Rain is normal, not adverse!
Eventually a tram arrived and we managed to get seats. Each time we stopped, yet more folk attempted to get on, but it was already ram-jam full.
Finally, we reached St. Peter's Square and with difficulty, alighted from the tram.

Looking at the tramway from the platform I noticed it was flooded, as the drains were up the slope and quite useless.

We walked to Oxford Road station, 'survived' the automatic turnstiles and found our departure platform. 15 mins to wait. Phoned home to say it'd be 7 p.m. when we reached our stop.

We settled in our seats and had a good natter, chatting merrily and as usual 'setting the world to rights' LOL. Our journey usually takes 45 mins. So, when friend said it was our stop we alighted, still chatting...Oops!
Only to find it was the wrong stop! Phone-call to friend's son and he arranged to collect us.

That's one theatre trip we won't forget in a hurry!

I've looked on youtube and excerpts from the 2010 Les Mis can be seen there.


Jan n Jer said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

joangee said...

It was memorable, for the theatre musical and journey home! Thanks for stopping by...