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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Across the Pond

Jan lives in Pennsylvania, 39.8 degrees N, 76.98 W, whereas I'm 53 degrees 25 minutes N and 3 degrees W. No wonder we experience such different weather!
She's on the East of an enormous continent, whereas I'm on the West coast of (by comparison) a small archipelago.
We visit regularly blog to blog and it's lovely being able to see someone else's part of the World. Whilst Jan seems to be longing for Fall, I want Autumn to be delayed. Temperatures here are 20C, which is comfortable except on days of high humidity.



Jan n Jer said...

That is so Hubby is in London right now an is enjoying the cooler temps there. I dont think you get the high humidity that we get here in the USA, it adds to the heat index. If its 85 degrees, it feels like 95 degrees.

joangee said...

True, we don't tend to experience much in the way of extremes. It's a temperate climate. Being in NW England, our weather is different to London, they tend to be dryer because of continental air from the rest of Europe.
Hope you Hubby's okay in London and has a safe journey back home when time comes.