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Saturday, 21 August 2010

First Aid

'Himself' is suffering from angle grinder 'rash' (self-inflicted). Angle grinders or whizzes as they are commonly referred to are dangerous pieces of kit.
First I knew was when he asked for help with dressing his hand. Now, dear reader don't think anything really dreadful has happened. (Phew)
He's scraped some skin off part of the back of one hand and bruised his chest. The t-shirt suffered most and has been binned. I was none too pleased when told that Harold had to be instructed to 'CUT the POWER' when the accident happened! They had been refurbishing double doors belonging to Harold's garage.

Traditionally, one would apply white lint to cleansed wound. White lint is difficult to find these days as everything has become more specialized! Quick visit to local chemists revealed a range of first aid stuff, but no white lint. Gauze will have to do!

Hope you'll laugh with me when I admit that in this dog-friendly household we have in stock more first aid stuff for them than for us! LOL

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