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Saturday, 28 August 2010

August Fun Monday

Mariposa's theme
Show and Tell. Show us your most favorite part of the house and tell us why.

This is where I take liberties with the topic as my fave part is not one but two and inside not outside! 

I love the gardens at the front and rear of our property more than any part of indoors.
I adore roses of every hue, especially scented ones.
Even my washing line has been known to become part trellis for climbing, rambling roses.

 I also love fuschias, so in Summer the gardens are most colourful

For a short while, magnolias bloom, but their blossoms are soon damaged by wind and rain.
 Springtime colour
 But, roses are my passion...



Jan n Jer said...

I would love to visit your garden...just to take in the wonderful aroma of your beautiful roses.

joangee said...

You are most kind to say so! Thank you for your lovely comment.

Jill said...

love your flowers

joangee said...

Thank you, Jill for your kind comment, and for stopping by (smile)

Sayre said...

I have always been so focused on the house, but recently have been making forays into the yard. My husband's been laid up with a knee replacement, so yard care has fallen to me - and I'm so surprised - I'm enjoying it! Now that I've spend some time out there, I have ideas about what I'd like to do.

I love your garden - it's so colorful and full of flowers... beautiful!

joangee said...

Hope you like gardening it can be very rewarding. We also grow fruit and veg so food bills have been lower all summer. Thanks for stopping by. Hope your husband makes a speedy recovery.