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Sunday, 8 August 2010

it shouldn't happen...

Neighbour is vulnerable as she's blind and elderly, also, her health isn't good.
So, when neighbour's lads kicked a ball which broke her window, it was a very nasty shock.
Looking at it, the damage has been done probably by a ball of some sort. I think they ought to get rid of the footie nets as they are obviously rubbish at football!

Today, someone from the police service is due to interview her. She was too ill and distressed to contact them when incident happened.
She contacted a number of local police forces, the nearest police station is closed, only 'manned' part-time. The next one she contacted weren't interested because it wasn't a priority!
Hooray for St. Helens police! They class her as vulnerable, they promised to send someone to interview / talk to her and gave her a crime number to tell the insurance company. She's promised to phone afterwards and tell me what happens.
This shot shows the lads' garden (age late teens / early twenties), set up more as a playground than a garden!

Contrast it with neighbour's garden...

Hers is a very productive garden and greenhouse.

1 comment:

Jan n Jer said...

I feel for your neighbor. some young people have no regard for their elders. Such a shame!