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Monday, 9 August 2010

Brands alternatives...

It must be a sign of the times as over here people are seeking out alternatives to global brand named products.
Why buy 'Kleenex' and pay top whack when the German supermarket chains stock cheaper 'equivalent' alternatives?
Beanz as the advert says meanz Heinz, but again alternatives are available.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not choosing inferior brands...I'm buying quality products and economizing at the same time.
Another sign of the times is the idea of the 'Green' consumer.

Groups such as Greenpeace  have raised awareness of the impact large companies have on the environment.
Global brands 

Coca-cola, IBM and Microsoft are the world leaders but...
I never buy Coca-cola or similar as it's 'fatal' for tooth fillings.

My latest acquisitions (technology) were a Mac book Pro and ipod touch.

Okay, I know some parents with baby fashionistas but others (more sensible) eschew brand names and high prices.

Some (mainly youngsters) are hooked on brands names, but those of us with less spending power need to count the 'pennies'.

A very old saying, "money's made round to go round; and made flat to pile up".


Mariposa said...

I agree with you on getting alternatives...and it is amazing to know that there are a lot of good ones now that are way reasonably priced. I am hooked to Coke though!

Faye said...

I think in these times when the economy is so bad, people really are looking for ways to save. That includes giving up the mindset that only the top brands are worth buying. as you say, most products don't need to be name brands. I just try to be selective about brand loyalty.

joangee said...

I no longer have any brand loyalty, counting the pennies comes first.
Last time I drank cola, I ended up having a filling replaced. Also, the GP told me to avoid carbonated drinks, so that's what I try to do. I love the freedom of Internet shopping searching for bargains. Just realised the sole brand loyalty remaining is HP printer inks for my printer, scanner copier!
Thank you both for stopping by.

Jan n Jer said...

I am not a loyal brand person...I am a bargain hunter by nature and I purchase sale items. Love the saying about money! Coke is nothing but sugar n empty calories..the big reason why so many peole are so obeste. Water is my pick to drink, its good for you, and 0 calories!