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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

needles, hooks and things crafty

A neighbour taught me to knit before I was old enough to start school. Mother taught me sewing and I taught myself crochet.
However, D's got a thing about such crafts being a waste of time! Hence, he's none too pleased that I'm crafting for charity.

In my time I've knitted Intarsia and Aran patterns, crocheted granny squares, blankets, tops, doilies and curtains.

My latest project has an owl theme (based upon Aran cables). If you search Ravelry you'll come across lots of patterns. 
Check out Flickr too for pix of Aran inspired owls.

Am working with double-pins, something I've not done for many a year. Happily rediscovering skills I thought I'd lost.

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