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Monday, 16 August 2010

Fun Monday colours

After yesterday's post, now something about me and my life.
Grammar school had a uniform which was navy and gold. In winter we were allowed to have pale blue or pale gold blouses, but on formal occasions we had to have crisp, white ones. There was even a difference in material as the coloured ones were warm "Courtelle", and white were cotton poplin. 
Originally, we made our summer skirts out of pale blue cotton poplin. I remember it took 3 yards of material! Sixth form had the same style and material, but were allowed dark red, or green.
Hence, for many years afterwards, I avoided buying anything blue LOL. 
College colours were purple and white but only if we wished to wear sweatshirts, scarves with their badge on them.
Not a real uniform...

Later, I taught in a school who's uniform (pupils) was navy and white. So, I still avoided wearing blue (grin).

Now, I love purple (grin), grey, black and white, and green.
Cue poem
"When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple". by Jenny Joseph

I am not an old woman...yet!!!
But, I love the idea of wearing purple in rebellion against aging.

Visiting another Fun Monday participant Cynical Girl reminded me of the 1960s when for a while 'pop art' became fashionable and Mary Quant led the way with her geometrical designs.
Also, a conversation years ago with an elderly relative who was telling me of her mother and grandmother. She must have been talking about the late 1890s / early 1900s; when women (working class) were expected to wear black from their 30s onwards. She was so pleased to have lived when women could wear colours throughout their life.


Gattina said...

I am sorry I didn't participate, no time, lol ! I saw the Sistine Chapel in Goring by Sea ! Amazing ! you can see it tomorrow on my travel blog !
Tomorrow I go home, time goes by so quick, but I will spend the day in London before going back to Brussels.

joangee said...

No worries! Glad you have been enjoying your stay 'over here'. Looking forward to reading your next post. Wishing you 'safe travels'.

Jill said...

I look fairly good in most colors, but blue seemed to be a favorite as a teenager/college student.

Sayre said...

I think we rebel against a color that is "forced" upon us for one reason or another!

My mom is a purple lady. My son loves it too. I still like my blue though...

joangee said...

Just looked at my wardrobe and it still has few blue items LOL