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Friday, 25 February 2011

another sunny day

Not that I saw much of it! We took the carpet cleaner back and got a new one...only a few weeks had passed, but today the price was lower...
The store is half an hour away, so along with another look round the store that was a lot of today gone.
Forgot to say this morning OH went to get M and escorted her round our garden to view the purple, golden yellow and white crocuses. Those are colours she can still glimpse if the light is right.
This afternoon was coffee and a chat, only the two of us as the other M had to go out. The knitted bunnies are coming on well, I passed across the arms and ears to complete another one. Sorry, Joy but didn't have a camera with me. Note to self, must try better next time.


Joy said...

Your day sounds lovely, one way and another. I'll look forward to the bunnies another day! :0)

J x

Molly said...

Still early for crocuses here, but it won't be long.

I stopped by to let you know the Fun Monday assignment is posted. I hope that you will join us again.

joanygee said...

Thank you Molly, I've signed up and am looking forward to it.