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Saturday, 5 February 2011


Posted something to a friend that lives in the Scottish Borders, and as if by magic it arrived the next day. Chatting with M she remarked that if anything's posted to her friends in Orkney it arrives their speedily! There must be something special about postal services North of the Border!  What a pity those south of the Border are so dilatory.
Now, I wonder what has happened to all the undelivered mail that was allowed to back up and stagnate in sorting offices prior to Christmas?  How might it have been disposed of? Yes, I'm showing my cynical side....oops

Today, the rain is persisting down but at least the wind has dropped. It's warmer and so are my hands and feet but folk would still comment on them being 'cold'. At least they aren't the 'blocks of ice' they were when the weather was colder.

Jabulah is a S. African restaurant on the Wirral, where they serve delicious and unusual food. My theatre-going friend has been dropping hints that it's ages since we went there. Somewhere to go for lunch perhaps in the not too distant future?

1 comment:

Joy said...

I'm glad it's a bit warmer too. It's nice to look out and not want to shiver . . .

J x