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Monday, 21 February 2011

Fun Monday - inventions

Molly of Return of the White Robin continues as our Fun Monday host... 
Tell us about your favorite invention or tool. Why have you selected this device? If possible, show us a picture of the invention or tool.

My fave has got to be...the camera, from being the subject of the photograph to now and for many years being on the 'business end'.
Now I have 4 DSLRs (two are versions of point n shoot) but my first camera took 127 negative film and if I was lucky I got 9 photos to a film! Dad's camera was more sophisticated, I never found out how to use it. You looked down and saw a reversed black and white image.
Dad had all the stuff needed to develop his own films and print black n white photos. We would black out the kitchen, changing the light-bulb to orange/red and there was our darkroom. Some of the equipment was home-made and a tad Heath Robinson but it worked and that was part of the fun.
Now my 'dark room' is on the computer/laptop and images can be altered in many ways. But I'll never forget learning to develop and print in the old kitchen.


Molly said...

That must have be great fun developing pictures in the kitchen with your dad. Even though I am not a great photographer, I do rather like cameras too. I do have an old Kodak Reflex camera that I would like to buy some film and take pictures.

Sayre said...

My mom was a serious photography student - to the point of having a darkroom built in the garage. I grew up with the smell of developer and fix wafting through the house and the roof of the darkroom was our clubhouse. Some wonderful memories were evoked from your post... thanks!

Jan n Jer said...

That is such a nice childhood memory. How fun to learn this skill!

Georgia Girls said...

What a wonderful talent to share with your family. It certainly is on my bucket list to enter the photography world this year. If you don't write it down or take a picture, it never happened.

Faye said...

I'm sure you felt like a "real" photographer with all you dark room work! I really must learn to take better digital photos. Planning a trip to Scandinavia and maybe Russia this summer--must capture sme Kadak moments while there. Plus, some of my regular blog buddies--who are my age--are really doing some outstanding photography and getting so much pleasure out of it.