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Sunday, 20 February 2011

k9 alarm clock

6am on a Sunday morning and z-dog wanted to go out. He's very persistent. So, bleary eyed I marshalled him and then the girlie down the garden and back. 9am and OH presented me with coffee in bed! Lovely gesture but am not keen on juggling coffee when have only just awoken.
OH decided it's been ages since I made cheese n onion 'quiche' .Seeing as we seem to have several different types of cheese in stock it seemed a good idea. Dear guy went to the greenhouse to get more onions. 
I decided to take my time make the pastry and allow it to rest. Doing it that way let me wash up as I went along. Rather than have a plain short crust I added some smoked paprika and a dash of chilli powder.I always use a minimum of three different cheeses including a mature cheddar and topping off with sliced Emmenthal. Happy to say it worked well.


Sayre said...

I just got a bunch of eggs from my parents, so I'll be making quiche too in the next day or so. Mine's actually more of a fritata - eggs, cheese, broccoli and some seasoning. In a pie shell.

Joy said...

Yummy-yum-yum, it sounds absoluitely delicious! I'm sure it was thoroughly appreciated by all.

J x