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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

baking again

I can go for months and not even think about doing any baking...but in the past couple of days I've made quiche and now a plate meat pie.
Mince, onions and mushrooms inside pastry top n bottom. This time I decided to use Worcester Sauce, Fruity Sauce and Tomato Sauce to spice things up a bit and instead of gravy.
It's baking in the oven with potatoes (roasting) and I'm having a short break before doing the veg.
Earlier I finished knitting the legs body and head for two 'bunnies'. M has them and is charged with doing the sewing up, stuffing and embroidered 'faces'.
I'm happy to report we had our MJM coffee afternoon (a day later than usual) as it depends on the state of M's health. Even the other M was feeling a bit creaky as she's been dismantling cupboards, ripping up carpet and stripping wallpaper!


Janis said...

Your meat dish sounds delish!

Joy said...

Mmmm - reading about all that baking has made me feel very hungry indeed. :0) And the bunnies sound very sweet indeed. Any chance of a photo when you've finished?

J x