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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Oh, what a lovely day!

Had a dose of 'do it now' and went with OH on a round trip to
  • the post office in a nearby village
  • the next town
  • and back home

There was a message waiting from one of the Ms and she phoned again just now. She needs to go to the local library, but the last time she went she had problems crossing a busy road.
They are refurbishing the area where our local shops used to be. But, in the mean time access to local services (library, post office etc.) is awkward. The shops are being demolished and the new 'Centre' which opened last year is behind the building site!
The £5.5m plans including a new bus interchange facility, car parking with possibly a new pub or restaurant have been approved by the Council.
But, there is nowhere to cross the main thoroughfare in safety to reach the library etc. Hence, I'm accompanying M this afternoon.

 We made it to the post box, but it proved awkward because the slot is narrower than usual.

Nearly all the old buildings are either boarded up or have been demolished.

It's a very long road, but there's nowhere to cross safely. Our walk to the post box, library etc. was a success, and it made me realize how difficult it is for my blind neighbour to 'pop round to the shops'. OH had volunteered to take her by car, but she needed to have a walk 'to do her good'.


Jan n Jer said...

Thank God she has you for a neighbor. Its hard enough getting use to a big change when you have your eye sight, I can only imagine how hard it would be without it.

Joy said...

You're a great neighbour!

J x

joanygee said...

I feel that I'm the lucky one to know her and to have her as my friend. And, fortunate to have both 'M' neighbours as friends.