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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

today is a dull day

Dull, overcast, it's hardly got light at all; what a contrast to yesterday. Another contrast being a decision to stay indoors and keep the dogs company. OH is busy being a most useful, helpful neighbour for M next door.
Youngster is restless, he doesn't do 'wait' and it's past the time for his walk with OH. Might I act as substitute you may ask...? It's the wrong time of year for me. Had it been a lot warmer, then, Yes.  Even here, indoors my hands and feet are like blocks of ice.
Would the exercise do me good and turn frozen extremities hot or even warm? Sadly the answer has to be 'no'. Raynauds doesn't work that way...
Now it's persisting down, the sort of rain that wants to drench you if you so much as look at it!
Youngster has calmed they've both been fed.

Now the threesome have returned fro their walk later than usual and managed to find a weather window.


Joy said...

It really has been extremely cold, hasn't it. I am so sorry that you suffer so badly from it.

J x

joanygee said...

Thank you, Joy. It took me years n years to realize others didn't have feet like blocks of ice! I'm used to it now...cold hands = warm heart as the saying goes. Jx