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Friday, 4 February 2011

It's Friday and...

back with OH to see the GP. Big change from last week, OH seems to be doing well with the latest meds and when GP took his BP it was the best he'd ever seen from him!
Also, OH said he was not having the nasty side-effects any more!

I had to laugh, no not at the GP but at the gaggle of receptionists! They were all of a fluster, and I couldn't help thinking of 'a fox in the hen-house' lol
Why was there such a to-do?
Panic had broken out because...
None of the computers were working and...hadn't been working yesterday either! Better still (she says, laughing) no computers in their surgeries in the Borough were working either!!!

Tea-time and the dogs began barking to let us know there was someone at the door. 'Bad timing', I thought
I went to the door to find a salesman from one of the electricity companies. So, I asked was the bell not working and he said that he didn't use them! I told him it was a good job the dogs knew!
I dislike cold-callers and sales in particular. 
Consulting his notepad, he called me Mrs. Johnson, so I said,'No, they left next door 3 years ago.' But didn't bother to say who I now I was a tad 'cheesed off'. He had no ID apart from the company name on his  jacket.
He asked which company we were with  and suggested EDF as they're cheaper! Then he said not to tell him I was with Southern Electric; so taking him at his word, I told him 'No'.
After he'd gone I phoned my neighbour to give her the heads up. She's phoned back to say she'd sent him away with a flea in his ear (as the saying goes).

From previous writings you may recall that my neighbour is blind. One of her friends is taking her to the cinema tomorrow. The film that's all the rage is 'The King's Speech'. Another of her 'friends' upset M by saying there was no point in her going to the cinema! I've told her that on Monday when we meet for coffee, I want her to tell me all about the film...and I'm sure she'll have a good time.

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