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Friday, 18 February 2011

it's not only

what is said, it's how it's said and who is saying it...
With my Northern upbringing and the instruction from a young age to
'call a spade a spade'
'not over egg the custard'
'do unto others as you would be done by'...

there are some things that 'make my hackles rise'.
Oddly enough one of which is the word 'madam'. An innocuous word you might think? But it has connotations...
During a recent phone-call I was 'madamed' nearly every sentence. No doubt the person on the other end with the Transatlantic accent was trying to be polite grated on me.

You see, back home to be addressed as 'madam' is a put-down, it's used as a 'telling off'.
Someone is said to be
...a right little madam!
...or told 'that's enough of that, madam!
So having someone end every sentence with 'madam'...go figure...

Just had a lovely long phone conversation with M who has to go out this afternoon so the MJM coffee afternoon is postponed until tomorrow. Of course she wanted to know how OH got on with the GP. I forgot to tell her he (GP) had a Spanish GP with him taking notes and observing.
OH is staying on the meds for the next 6 months.
Phoned our lovely chemist and arranged to collect the prescription next week.

Now we have purple crocus appearing...Spring is advancing?

1 comment:

Jan n Jer said...

I hear you on that. I hate when people call me Hon..except my hubby!!!