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Thursday, 17 February 2011


I'm going to take it as one...friend of OH said, 'now I know why you two get on so well'. Strange thing is that we've only met a handful of times and the dogs have taken a dislike to him. This was the first nice thing the guy has ever said. But, I trust the dogs and if they're not convinced then neither am I.
He's one of those folk that only turn up when they want something.

Even MJM coffee yesterday was interrupted by visitors. M's room was crowded as two extra people turned up.  Fortunately we'd had half-an-hour chatting and laughing before the others turned up. This led to a long chat by phone last night as M had thought of all sorts of stuff she hadn't had chance to say over coffee.
What makes some folk want to poke or prod when talking to someone? I ended up sitting even nearer the the other M to escape being poked/prodded. For once I was glad to leave early with the excuse of going to look after the dogs.

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Joy said...

I am reminded of something in one of the Anne books (you must have read them?) which said, in effect, that Anne was used to mixed compliments so she sipped the honey from it and threw away the sting. A great attitude, I think! ;0)

J x