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Monday, 31 January 2011

Ari hosts fun Monday

Thank you, Ari for hosting FM and giving us our topics.
I was in two minds whether to join in today.
Ari asks "What's the title of your novel and what's it about?"

Unlike other folk, I do not have a novel in me, the occasional poem is penned from time to time.
Several years ago a group of us friends (OU) sent our poetry to one of the group and she made a collection of the poems.
Thinking back is poignant as one of the group died suddenly, and is still sadly missed.

This too shall pass…
Laughter, bright smiles and woes
Memories made and shared
Three like-minded Northerners
Meeting up infrequently…

Country cottage tiny, yet cozy
Our refuge from Life, odd weekends now and then.
Relaxing, miles from anywhere, just we three.
Imbibing in moderation?

Time slipping by noiselessly in pleasant company.
‘Til Fate intervened irrevocably riving the threesome
One of us crossing ‘Rainbow Bridge’
Taken before her time.

Two bereft, sundered remain apart...
Shall we three meet again?

So, no novel 'here' just a poem In memoriam... 

©joanygee 31/01/11


Sayre said...

What a beautiful picture of friendship and loss you paint. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, and I hope you and the remaining can pick up again to either remain as a pair or perhaps to include a new third?

Molly said...

I am sorry for your loss. Your poem is a heart-warming dedication not only to your friend but to your group of friends. A poem is the perfect tribute.

Faye said...

I have been fortunate to have not lost a dear friend as yet, although three of closest are dealing with profound illnesses. Thankfully, there's a literary style for all of us--novel, short story, memoir, or poetry. Your musings on friendship are very soulful.

Kim said...

A beautiful expression of friendship -- there is indeed a story waiting there. Your weekends at the cottage ... What did you do? Who did you meet? What did you talk about? The lives you went back to. "Cottage on the Cove" (don't know if it was--on a cove :)

ari_1965 said...

Lovely poem.

Jan n Jer said...

Beautiful tribute to your friend...very touching.