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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4th Jan 2011

Knitting neighbour is focused on Easter!
She's busy knitting small novelty chicks which will take a chocolate creme egg inside.

Talking with another knitting friend they've decided it would be good to knit more animals. Hence a request to me, 'can you find patterns for bunnies and sheep/lambs please?'
Turning on-line to the much-loved wealth of knitting inspiration/ideas and patterns that is Ravelry, I've come across some patterns. Now I need to 'translate' US abbreviations into English ones, as both ladies only know the latter.

Lucy lamb 
Pattern link and photo can be found here

Woolie the Ewe
Bunny rabbit patterns
Chocolate coloured Easter bunny

and my favourite...
Honey bunny

If my neighbour makes Honey Bunny I'll probably make the dress and bow. 

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