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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

been and gone

The guys came, stayed about half an hour and went...Now extra lagging has been laid on top of the original layers in the loft.
The only problem being that OH wants to do some sorting out up there and I feel reluctant even to think about it.
Well he dumped some stuff down from the attic and luckily he'd made a good choice. Nothing with any treasured memories...Phew!

Had a phone-call from M next door. Both M's are full of cold; the toy-making one seems particularly poorly. I'll phone tomorrow for news.

A couple of folk have birthdays this weekend, so I've sent animated e-cards. Neither sent cards of any sort to me when it was my birthday. Hope I don't seem mean-spirited.

Hoping my click on the mouse friends in Australia enjoyed Australia Day!


Sayre said...

So far, every household I know with kids in it (but mine) has had awful flu that lasts 4-5 days. Fingers crossed that it doesn't come visit mine. I hope your neighbors are feeling better.

Joy said...

I love getting animated e-cards. Why should that seem mean spirited? I think it was very kind of you!

J x