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Monday, 3 January 2011

Fun Monday

January's gracious host is Ari
She says
"I live in a climate with a long, cold winters. Over the years, I've built up a supply of clothing and items to keep warm and dry. I think of them as my arsenal for winter combat. What's in your winter weather arsenal? Or, if you don't have tough winters where you live, tell us about something you own that you wouldn't want to be without."

As I have Raynauds, winter is a particularly trying time, my hands and feet are icy, they go white/blue with cold. I wear gloves, even when to some people the weather doesn't warrant it. Hence, I have recently bought a circulation booster and am hoping things will improve. Am using it for 10 minutes a time, it has tens type accessories but I'm not trying them yet. A weird sensation, as it cycles thro' rhythmically. Difficult to describe but I am hoping that with perseverance I can build up the time to the recommended 30 minutes. 

My friend's husband went to Canada on business and bought this lovely top for his wife.

Unfortunately, he came home with one of the wrong size...
so, as I'm (lets put it politely) broader than her, he kindly agreed to her giving to me.


Jill said...

Sometimes hand me downs or hand me ups are the nicest!

Faye said...

If you haven't worn polar fleece before, you will love it, Joan. Sometimes it's a lucky thing to be a bit more "generous" in size. . .:-)I hope your machine provides some ongoing relief.

Most of my friends, while not suffering from any medical condition that makes them sensitive to cold, absolutely hate winter weather. I love it and am surly about summer instead. Takes all kinds, I suppose.

joangee said...

Polar fleeces over here don't seem to be as substantial as the Canadian one, guess cos we don't have really severe winters. I don't mind winter weather now I can stay inside and watch thro' the windows (grin).
The dogs enjoy the wintry weather and hardly notice it.

Molly said...

I hope that the circulation booster works for you, Joany. You know what they say? "Cold hands, warm heart.

Jan n Jer said...

Poor circulation will really make you feel cold. Hope that machine can help you. That fleece looks so soft n warm.

Sayre said...

Ooo... a circulation enhancer! That looks like an interesting gadget. DOes it heat as well? I have diabetes and so do my parents - I wonder if something like that could help?

ari_1965 said...

You'll have to let us know if the circulation booster works.

Quentin Crisp, a British writer, claimed that he didn't spend money on clothing anymore. He said he got all he needed by saying to his richer friends things like "Are you still wearing that? Oh, no, it looks very nice. It's just that.... No, no, it still looks very nice on you."

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joangee said...

Yes Molly, I know that saying well and it was comforting to one who has cold hands most of the time.
Sayre, my friend who has diabetes and poor circulation got one first and I tried it. They are expensive machines, but am hoping it will pay for itself by improving my health.
Sayre there's no heating element. But it doesn't need one.