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Sunday, 23 January 2011

looking forward to

March 12th the be precise...
Going to Manchester by train, probably from the station I usually leave from with my 'theatre'  friend. Have to get to the John Dalton Building on Oxford Rd (part of MMU) Manchester Metropolitan Uni. Chance to meet my tutor for my latest course and come across fellow students.
Last time was a couple of years ago. That time I met a fellow student who tagged along after I'd left the station because 'I looked like I knew where I was going'...
I ought to be getting used to that part of the city by now, but only because of theatre visits.

Today, OH is recovering from yesterday's exertions...climbing loft ladders and kneeling down to take up floorboards isn't as easy as it used to be.

M next-door's having a 'do-it-now' month...first came the double-glazed windows, next a new front door and porch, then someone to discuss installing a new central heating boiler. Soon, like us, she'll be having the loft lagged to bring up to modern specifications. A bonus from all this activity has been OH finding some guys to re-do parts of our roof where the frost 'got at' the pointing on the ridge tiles. Thankfully, OH has at long last realised his days of shinning up a roof are over!

Countless times over the years he's gone up onto the roof as tho' it was second nature. But, then he was once a keen, skilled climber and has told me about going up v-diffs and severes.
Bosigran (Cornwall)
Follow the link to see more of some of Cornwall's climbs.


Jan n Jer said...

Sounds like a great outing to look forward to! My Hubs has come to terms that he cant do like he used to anymore. Getting old is a reality check.

Sayre said...

I used to not think about going up on the roof (or up high on anything) but these days, I'd much rather someone ELSE did it!