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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5th Jan 2011

Now the Spring term begins and folk return to work. Our journey to the supermarket took longer than it has for the past few weeks because of a greater volume of traffic. It can take quite a while to have a break in the traffic long enough to let us get out of the driveway.
At least the supermarket was quiet (fewer shoppers).
Then OH surprised me during the return journey by saying we were going to a nearby town...why? Because he'd decided the halogen oven is such a useful bit of kit...why not get another? Reason being he'd decided it would be good to use in the caravan...

Afternoon - we took neighbour to a nearby garden centre. She took her 'pogo' stick with her - that's what she calls her long folding cane that has a ball on the end. By rolling it to and fro she can navigate her way around.

But although my car decided to give problems, we managed to get to the garden centre and back home. Now it's been booked in to be 'looked at' tomorrow. We'll go on our shopping trip but in two the poorly one can be left to be assessed. (Only when OH described the problems over the phone, did I realize it had begun to go wrong a few days earlier!)

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