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Sunday, 2 January 2011

and today's experiment is...

to investigate and use for the first time the halogen oven bought for me by OH.
Luckily, it came with not only an instruction book, but also a selection of recipes. So I've dared myself to cook with it later today.
He dug a joint of beef out of the freezer and it's been defrosting over night. I'm hoping it'll cook okay. did!

Not only the beef, but the roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings!
Not as quickly as the microwave, but faster than my fan oven...more frugal with electricity. I might be 'on a winner'.

 Roast beef worked a treat and so did the roast potatoes and Yorkshire puds.

1 comment:

Sayre said...

I love my oven - but don't have a place to keep it out and handy. Everytime I decide to use it, I have to go dig it out of the garage. When I redo my kitchen, it will be with an eye towards having all the appliances I want at hand.. at hand.

Mine does lovely things with frozen chicken breasts.