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Thursday, 27 January 2011

to-ing n fro-ing

Thursdays are usually 'do it now days' shopping in the morning at cut-price supermarkets. When you add on OH deciding that we 'must' go to becomes even busier. He wanted to take 'advantage' of discounts, so off we went.
What with one thing and another the day sped by, soon it was late afternoon and finally chance to sit down for a while.
Included in all the to-ing and fro-ing was a walk to the petrol station to buy a birthday card and a short while later, an even longer walk to the post box.

It's not often I bother much with the 'haunted fish-tank' as a friend calls it...Andrew Lee Potts who plays a zany geek in 'Primeval' is in 'Alice' tonight on Syfy.

From the clips I've seen it looks like the programme has elements of the surreal Portmeirion world of the Prisoner and the 'Fifth Element'.

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