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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Towards the end of the day I have something to write...Three of us live next door to each other...our initials...MJM ()Mavis, Joan n Marilyn) aka the three witches according to Mavis.
So tonight we've been out for a meal together to a restaurant in Childwall called Owens. It triggered memories as it's at Childwall Fiveways, so called appropriately as it's the junction of five roads. Somewhere I walked across almost daily when at college, hence the memories. Okay so going back to the early 1970s but the memories remain. Days of teacher training at S. Kaths aka Katy Saints. Our colours were purple and white, I've always liked purple.

To the year above were some students who were to become Willy Russell and one David Alton.

We had a lovely meal, but I was the only one drinking wine, neither of the others does for medical reasons.
OH played chauffeur when I told him Mavis wanted to book a taxi, and when he found out where the restaurant is, also the lack of parking around there. Mavis (bless her) bought him a tin of fancy biscuits as a 'thank you'.
We're meeting up at Mavis's for coffee on Friday, another thing to look forward to.


The Church Lady said...

So nice to be able to get together with your galfriends. I keep trying to schedule a dinner outing with mine, but everyone is so busy. WE have been unsuccessful in setting a date.

joanygee said...

We rescheduled, it caused probs at the restaurant. On arrival, they discovered appt had been made for today instead of last night. Luckily they had a spare table.