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Thursday, 6 January 2011

6th Jan...waiting

It's  time to wait and wait and wait..why?
  1. Although the website opened for my latest course, the course itself doesn't open until 5th Feb.
  2. Nor have the tutors been allocated students.
  3. Had to take my car in for a dose of looking at and hopefully to be repaired...still awaiting the phone-call to tell me the wherefores, estimates of time and what's gone wrong.
  4. Waiting in tomorrow for promised delivery by courier some time between 8am and 6pm - no they 'can't' be more precise.
Now for some good news, the wait tomorrow is for arrival of new cell phones (one apiece). OH stressed to the sales guy that
  • we do not need phones with all the modern gimickry and bells n whistles
  • we do not want to 'upgrade'
  • Yes, we want phones that will enable us to Make phone calls and Text.
  • we want to retain the same contract (pay monthly)
Or as the cute Meerkat on a well-known advert would say, 'Simples'
Well the car repair people phoned and they are mystified, so the car will stay with them for a while...
Diagnostic - fault on 5th injector - is it a single or multiple fault? ECU and traction and stability controls interlinked, so ECU shuts down those controls when a fault is registered...
not so 'simples' after all!...


Sayre said...

I am even simpler than you - I want a phone that is... a phone. No texting, no internet, no video or camera. I want a PHONE. But I don't think they make those anymore. :-(

joangee said...

True, we had to settle for a more tricky ones than before, but OH will only use it as a basic phone.