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Saturday, 29 January 2011


OH begins taking his new meds, but I'm not convinced that he'll respond any better to them. Why? Because with the study I've done (OU sciences, biology and chemistry) and knowing the meds are part of the same group...the chance of more upsets seems pretty high.

Today things have come apart in my hands...a door knob to be precise, but no matter how hard we looked, the grub screw just disappeared! Next, I pulled the cord to switch on the ventilator in the shower room and the cover came loose and fell down, Well it's a good excuse to give it a clean.

Tis a bright, sunny but frosty day. I phoned 'M'  but no answer, so I popped outside and looked if her window was open, it was closed and 'M's van was missing. Am guessing the dauntless pair have gone shopping together. If there's a sale on 'M' will want to go. Hoping this means they are both a lot better today.

OH has taken the dogs for their constitutional, and as it's such a sunny day they'll take advantage of the fine weather to stay out longer than usual, Gives me time to do some tidying up.

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