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Thursday, 20 January 2011

that bridge again...

Thursday shopping day and what with the fog and ice it became problematic. Our main route was standing traffic queuing for the Bridge, nose to tail for over a mile. Fortunately we came across it when we could still turn off and find another route. It took 20 mins to go 4 miles.
Hardly a day goes by without problems at the bridge. Yesterday it closed when a Scania lorry and Ford escort car were in collision and the lorry overturned.

For many years people have campaigned for a second Mersey crossing
Mersey Gateway Project, Cheshire, United Kingdom

"The Mersey Gateway Project is a proposed new toll bridge project across Mersey River to connect Widnes and Runcorn towns. It includes several road improvements in the borough of Halton, Cheshire, north-west of England. The project is being carried out by Halton Borough Council and the Mersey Crossing Group. Work on the Mersey Gateway toll bridge will commence in 2011. It is scheduled for public opening in 2014."
The project was costed at £431 million and in 2011 it's  £600 million...

We already avoid using the bridge because of congestion, when both bridges are open as toll bridges, we'll have another reason to avoid using them.

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Jan n Jer said...

I hear you on that one...I hate paying tolls!