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Thursday, 13 January 2011

between a rock and a hard place!

Went to the chemists yesterday to pick up prescriptions, and that's when the difficulties began. All the staff at the chemists are lovely, but the surgery across the a nightmare.
On arrival home, OH noticed that instead of 1.25mg the tablets said 5mg! So, we headed straight back and the chemist said  it was a mistake on the prescription and needed the surgery to sort it out.
Went to see reception who informed me that 'it says 5mg on the screen'. Biting back the obvious reply Gingo Garbage In Garbage Out...I asked when the new prescription would be ready. 'Come back about 5pm''??? She would not see the GP until end of surgery!
Went back to the chemist, gave them my number and they said they'd chase up the prescription.
So 1 day later, still no prescription! Chemist still trying to get the revised version from the surgery!
Then things went from Bad to Worse...apologetic  phone-call from now said unable to give out script until middle next week!
So thanked chemist for his help and phoned surgery asked to speak with Practice manager but voice on end of phone offered to 'help'.
Being in no mood to 'take prisoners' as the saying goes, I told her to listen...
She made mistake of trying to blame pharmacist...compounded error by saying 'the screen said'...
But I am computer literate! So told her about gingo Garbage in Garbage out and that when I visited surgery...the excuse was 'the screen says'...5mg. Eventually she said GP would phone and asked who'd answer...I said 'me' but would pass phone to OH.
GP phoned and light dawned...letter from Broadgreen Hospital had arrived to say up dosage to 5mg... A N Other GP at surgery duly amended records...without any knowledge of OH or situation...
Hence 5mg script! GP said 1.25mg script would be issued asap he was doing it Now. And would tell reception to phone to make appt for GP to see OH.
I phoned pharmacist to tell him how surgery had tried to bad mouth him and that new script was being issued. Needless to say no-one from reception called OH...
Tomorrow is another's hoping against hope that pharmacist receives 1.25mg script to fill for OH.


Joy said...

You could scream, couldn't you!! How frustrating.

J x

joangee said...

So frustrating, and so worrying.. Thanks for stopping by Jx