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Friday, 7 January 2011

mf 7th Jan 2011

The wait for the new phones is over, came 8.30 this morning. Inserted sim card, battery and charged my phone before having a play to look at new features. As OH had told them phone only, I'll need a memory card for the other functions.
Now the snow has returned, but luckily there's no need to go anywhere. Toyota mechanic phoned and had long chat with OH.
Car's to have new injector fitted to see if engine management will then return system to normal. But, if weather remains poor it might be after weekend before we collect it.

Opticians phoned, my other glasses are ready...they were ordered before Christmas, so I'm in no rush to collect them.

Local Authority sent guys round door-to-door to drum up business before 'Warm Front' grant runs out. Had assumed we weren't eligible, but we are! So OH is in charge of the arrangements. Loft has some areas (sides) which need more insulation.
 CERT, or Carbon Emissions Reduction Target, set by government to implemented by councils, hence the door-to-door campaign.

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Sayre said...

I need to get an energy audit done on my house. I think we're in pretty good shape, but I don't think there's any insulation under the floor. THe bathrooms, kitchen and diningroom (all rooms with no carpet) have FREEZING floors!

joangee said...

Our walls are single brick so there's no cavity to fit insulation. Floors are carpeted, but have been down so long they need replacing.

Joy said...

It sounds like everything is falling into place very nicely! Enjoy the phone!

J x

joangee said...

Thank you Joy, I've started using the new phone and it's easier than the old one! Jx