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Sunday 31 August 2008


I am totally over the moon with happiness; having spent several hours today with a friend and her doglet's litter of puppies. (see pix)

I have shared my life with canine companions for decades and am thoroughly nuts about long-haired, plush coated 'table-top' GSDs.

Have been searching to find another canine companion and fingers tightly crossed, hopefully the search nears its end.

Saturday 30 August 2008

Tutorial SD226 Bio Psych

Decided that as it was the last f2f tutorial available, I'd try it and see what happened.

Went with mixed feelings, hoping to gain useful insight into ECA requirements and
hoping against hope
there would not be a repeat of the whingeing

Problem being that it is a bitsa course, bits of psych and bigger bits of neurology (science).

Psychology students moan regularly how they hate, don't understand, can't get on with the neuroscience.

I love neuroscience! Bring it on! Anatomy is fascinating!
Told the tutor how much I enjoyed the course content, but found the questioning 'Machiavellian' torture.

Friday 29 August 2008


A 'write about yourself' n involve others place on the Web.

Where I came across some lovely people (or peeps?) Sharing bits of info, having 'conversations' and dotting messages with emoticons. Fun, funny n simple, cheerful entertainment.

However, at the mo, it's all gone quiet cos various peeps are taking advantage of 'le weekend' to go various places.

Also, being world-wide, when UK folk are thinking 'Morning!' for others it's nearly this evening, and yet more folk are about to start the day.


Bet that's got some folk thinking!
Few stray thoughts crossed my mind n guessed I'd write them down.

Lived thro' the tech revolution, experienced changes when at work. 'They' put a BBC B in my 'care' n to use, even let me pay to attend evening course to find out how to run the d*mned thing!

Reminds me of an old idea that
Policing would seem similar to teaching when...
Police are expected to fund (out of their own pay) the running of vehicles they drive and uniform they wear.

[memo to self 'don't follow that thought trend' You'll annoy yourself and bore others.]

Back to tech

Babylon 5 n the techno mages, idea of tech wires like filigree, filaments coursing thro' veins

My OH n tech! computer Luddite (named himself)
However, being an engineering minded guy...knows all about the innards of puters, refuses to 'work one' tho'

Calls my puter place 'the black hole' (speaking in a derogatory manner)

Yet, is the first to want online ebilling,
warranty registration of purchases n searches done for him!


Now, three laptops later n similar number of towers not mentioning peripherals; spending time online has become 'second-nature'

Thursday 28 August 2008


  • Purple people eaters
  • Purple rain
  • Purple Haze ~ Hendrix
  • Deep Purple
  • When I am old, I shall wear purple
  • going through a purple patch
  • when the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls...

OU student

Been with the OU (Open University) for a number of years.

Following a random journey, studying courses that appeal to me, rather than aiming for a definite goal.

Began with a tech course
You, your computer and the Internet. (now no longer available)

Then decided to do some science, followed by geology.
Joined OUGS OU Geological Soc. Met some lovely people and went on various field trips:
Tenerife, Almería and Iceland

Also places in the UK:
Orkney, Dorset, Durham,Teesdale to name but a few

The OU do some lovely short courses to whet the appetite for study. Last year I did one on digital photography. Hence Flickr photos n groups.

Opted to do archaeology next!


Shopping day, today...usually head to Warrington (circular journey). As someone once said 'the best laid plans'

Gridlock all around the Bridge...if you don't know Merseyside/Cheshire you won't know the Bridge!
It is the only crossing place (Mersey) between Widnes n Runcorn.
Traffic volume normally across the Bridge is snail-pace in the rush hour, and heavy 24/7.

Today, roadworks halved the number of lanes heading south from 2 to 1. Knock-on effect! Gridlock throughout Widnes, also along 'Route 7' the main drag into the Pool.

We diverted (15 mile detour) and reached Warrington.

Homeward bound, himself doing the driving, thought traffic might have eased!
No such luck! We became trapped in the traffic jam (half hour with engine off and at a standstill).
Extracted ourselves from the jam; headed away (thankfully). Another detour...
Normally on shopping day we are home about 10.30am. Toady's epic journey found us reaching home about noon.
Memo to self 'stay away from that Bridge' for the next few days.

Roadworks are promised, but not on any traffic info sites!

Wednesday 27 August 2008


Hello world! that's the first thing M150 tried to teach me
Thanks to gcgal for the idea to start a blog and the Aoj for inspiration.

Starting off slowly until I become accustomed to this blogging idea. A new (to me) online world to investigate.