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Saturday 30 December 2017

Down memory lane

Social media has a group
Clitheroe Past and Present
there folk share old pix and many a reminiscence.

Getting nearer to year's end seems a good enough time for musings and borrowings.

When folks' lives stem from places rich in history, some areas are more conspicuous than others.

Take an old Norman Keep and its surroundings then delve into the past as it resonates into the future. 

Formerly part of Lord Montague's estates the Keep and its surroundings were purchased for posterity as the town's War Memorial soon after World War I. 

Typically in that area much of the funding was collected door to door from local inhabitants and topped up by donations from local worthies.

Some 50+ year's later the town decided on a swimming baths.

Once again local folk went door to door making collections in their part of town. Each area had their local collector who arrived weekly and each household dibbed in what they could. 
Then the swimming baths were built and are still there to this day. Previously, we swam in the river and some still swim in the river today.