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Tuesday 30 September 2008


Another GSD ;-)
We have a lovely little male GSD and OH thought it'd be good to call him 'Zaq' note the different spelling!

Lady GSD has begun to accept him and today they started to play together. He is all action one second and spark out asleep next. Learning the basics: 'in', 'enough' and 'up'
Nearly learnt his name!

Wednesday 24 September 2008


Kernow is the 'old' name for Cornwall.
Spent the past fortnight in Penwith enjoying the
autumnal sunshine; walking country lanes and byways with the dog some half dozen times a day.

As you can see, dog and horse get on well together.

Sunny weather brought out butterflies, and I managed to capture some on camera

Monday 8 September 2008


South West England, a county called Penwith bordering the Atlantic Ocean.
Historic tin mining area, remnants remain on the landscape.

The Crowns, Botallack, engine houses on the cliff edge.

Geevor, where mining 'heritage' money ploughed in £millions to make a museum for tourists in area of high unemployment. (instead of jobs)

The beach at Porth Nanven, yet another area taken over by the rele
ntless purchasing power of the National Trust.

Sunday 7 September 2008


Last weekend's visit to meet a litter of GSD puppies.
55 pix taken and here's a glimpse of the happy puppies!

Friday 5 September 2008


The OU (bless them) have sent info on more psychology courses to consider.
No way!
I've had as much as I can stand of 'death by assignments'.
At least in their latest synopsis of SD226 they urge careful reading of the course description!
I ought to be writing my ECA (End of course assignment).
Having teeth drawn without anaesthetic would have more appeal.

Needs must, I have to complete and submit the work or FAIL

Wednesday 3 September 2008


Came across some poems written in darker days, and decided to put them into my blog. Jubilado is the Spanish word for 'retirement'; what a lovely thing to call it. A much better word than our prosaic 'retired'.
Took a course in learning Spanish (introductory) because I wanted to try to understand or grasp a bit of the language.
My studies came in handy on an OUGS trip to Almería in SE Spain. We stayed off the tourist track, ate at the local taverna and I was able to read the menu and make my self understood.
OK, so I didn't end up eating anything and having to guess what it was, but I prefer it that way.


Maelstrom thoughts

“Don’t just sit there!
Pull yourself together!”

Darkness in my head
Maelstrom thoughts
Aching, bone weary
Lost for words.

Depression clings to me,
Clogging my mind
Words fail me.

“There’s nothing wrong with you!
You are making yourself ill.”

Depression grips tighter
Ever tighter
Mind, body, soul
Enforced lethargy

Your words thudding into me


do I remember
with such
awful clarity
hurtful words?

does sadness
remain my
unbidden companion?

does anxiety
cloud my thoughts?

do anniversaries
bring despondency?

am I bone-weary
aching to the marrow
of my soul?

does despair
with its iron grip
cling persistently?


Tenacious, the Black Dog
worries its prey
gnawing hungrily
tearing through
mind and body.

Depression, the Black dog,
has me in thrall
gripping relentlessly.

JMG 07/03/05

Answer, came there none!

She plucked up Courage
and Spoke!
Words tumbled into the Silence.

She spoke Again
Did anyone Hear?
Did anyone Listen?

Answer came there?

She plucked up Courage
and Wrote.
Words tumbled onto the page
Sent out into the ether.

She Wrote Again.
Her words were read.
Did anyone Listen?

Answer came there?

Depressives make good listeners;
but when she spoke…

answer came there none.

So I Retreat
garnering Words in my Mind.

Mind whimpers
‘Speak to Me
and I Shall Listen
Ssspeak to Me
I Shall Reply.
Talk to Me
I am here’.

JMG 2005



Retired, you’ve retired!
Bliss and rapture,
More time to spend together.”

We worked together
For years…
Same building, different roles
Days at work together,
But apart
Hardly ever speaking or meeting

Our working partnership

Jubilado! Retired!
Together for days on end
Stifled, confined together.

Questions, questions
Babe, I need you!
Come here!
Just do this…
I need you

At work we were

Now he depends on me
Too often
Using my mind instead of his

Claustrophobia of the mind

He cares deeply, painfully
Aware of everything
Missing nothing
In control of the day to day

Relentlessly dependant

Monday 1 September 2008

Have you come across ;-)

ATI Adolescent Teamwork Impulse ~ a set of pointless and expensive activities, designed to distract and to foster work avoidance

PCO Periodic Committee Obsession ~ a delusional 'belief' that committees improve decision making!

UPF Unconscious Power Fixation ~ an irrational belief that certain job titles endow the holder with 'deserved magic power'

Commonplace afflictions found in the 'workplace'