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Thursday 23 February 2023


In 1911, the RMS Titanic was launched. Lowestwood Mill, Linthwaite was so large; it became known as the Titanic.

Just as the valleys of East Lancs., became known for cotton and whose mills dominated the, the West Riding of Yorks. was dominated by woollen mills.

Either side of the Pennines, labourers with transferable skills. 

Shawcar Mill


Titanic Mill

Lane Top, Linthwaite
1861 census

Typical 'mill' family

Mother, widow, age 43

Sons age 15, 13 and 11


Burler - removes loose threads, knots, and other imperfections from cloth

Feeder - feeding through yarns

Piecer - joining together of pieces or threads

Mill Hand - general labourer

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