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Friday 22 July 2011


someone has a driveway and front 'garden' and the road either side of their dwelling is empty of vehicles...
Why must they insist on parking on the pavement in front of the house across the road!
 The people over there have been keeping the local builders merchants busy for months; ever since they moved in. 

But they have also been dumping their large car outside our place when there's been lots of room on their side of the road.
OH opined that there's nothing to be done about it...but I wanted to do something.

So, when the vehicle reappeared this morning I took my camera and photographed it and the view of the opposite side of the road.

Later OH reported the vehicle was now parked on 'their' side of the road.

Tuesday 19 July 2011


Andale Vets
This is today's 'must do' as elder K9 needs to see Michelle because she's been holding her head lob-sided and shaking it from time to time. I blame z-dog probably because he's been too boisterous and may have done some  mischief.

Returned home from seeing Michelle, who greeted Lady like a long lost friend! She gave her a good check over and apart from an ear problem, a good bill of health.

Result, Lady has antibiotic tablets to take and some drops for her ear. She has an ear infection, but with antibiotic tabs and drops should be back to 100% soon.

As for z-dog it's no food for him after 8pm (Tuesday) and an appt at the vets on Wednesday morning!

Friday 15 July 2011

best laid plans?

oft go awry...
Phonecall this evening and I did not recognise the caller's voice...
After a while it became clear that it was my theatre going friend's son. No wonder I didn't recognise the voice!
Bad news; my friend is in hospital resting having fallen/blackedout and no-one knows if it's an on-going problem.
He gave me her mobile number and I had a brief chat with her. Typically, she was concerned that we can't go to Manchester this Tuesday to visit the museum.

All I want is for her to be on the mend and back to her usual self.

Sunday 10 July 2011

and a lovely time

was had by all...

Goddaughter was technical manager for the performance and had reserved seats for us. So we had a good view of the performance.
The Kidz did a grand job...some were as young a 4 years old and a couple of them stole the show when they were on stage. Others were teenage/early twenties.
For an amateur set-up they did remarkably well.

Their aims include
  •  to have fun, 
  • grow in confidence, 
  • stay out of trouble
  • enjoy learning new skills
  • form friendships
  • raise money for local young people's charities
 I came home with 'Nemo' a large cuddly toy won in the raffle and now heading to raise more funds for another charity. I have no photos of the performances as it's not allowed in the theatre.

Friday 8 July 2011


Saturday I'm heading north to Rishton and then to Preston whilst OH remains behind to dog sit.

Kidz 4 Kidz Community Theatre Company put on shows twice a year at the Charter Theatre in Preston.

Tomorrow night they celebrate their tenth anniversary...

Kidz 4 Kidz present 'Ten' a celebration of their ten-year anniversary.
"For a night of audience participation, fun, laughter, drinks and being merry... (and possible BBC interest) please join us for our big 10 year show Saturday 9th July @ 730pm. xx "

A theatre/dance group my goddaughter helps out with.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

wordless Wednesday (July)

OH idea of a note or list on whatever comes to hand!
We have roadworks with contra-flow and pipe-layers causing chaos
Kale fresh from the garden!
I love the way the colours change on hydrangeas
Tis variegated and pink but its name eludes me
At long last I too have them in flower

Saturday 2 July 2011