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Thursday 26 August 2021

Mulling things over

 Social Media is both a scourge to truth and disseminator of disinformation.

Commentariat - pundits, analysts and commentators proliferating world-wide.

Slacktivists - abound, spreading yet more disinformation.

A burgeoning Internet has given the oxygen of publicity to hoards of malcontents, nay-sayers and thoughtless opinionators.

The saying Wine In Wits Out adapted to nowadays becomes Social media in and Wits Out.

Common-sense and its fellow personal responsibility are fading rapidly. 

Recent cartoon shows the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been joined by a fifth.. DISINFORMATION.

Having moved on-line, former news sources, regional and national have succumbed to the Siren voices found more often in trashy publications. Clickbait and phishing are now the name of the game.

"What are your bank holiday weekend plans?"

Cue phishing info-gathering freely given to media by the unwary!

The gullible and the unwary rushing to post 'answers' and 'opinions'...

Topics include - fast food, dearth of fast food. Who has sprogged, how many and gushing verbiage. The antics of the ne'er do well, failure to punish offenders.

Carnivals and assorted events, recurring problems - drug misuse, spreading virus, anti-vaxxers. Pillorying various politicians, poking fun at the antics and automatic 20:20 hindsight comments of others.