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Thursday 1 October 2015

Further studies

Having discovered the joy of learning, it's something I mean to keep on doing. I've always wanted to find out and in some cases to know more...

For many years, study with the O.U. has sated my thirst, but with the way the O.U. has been forced to change, especially the price hike, something has to give. I'm on transitional arrangements meaning the costs are not quite so ouch as for anyone studying post the exorbitant price increases. But, having studied under the previous pricing structure, today's costs are eye-watering.

Fortunately, universities world-wide have got together to offer some short, free courses. 

I've already covered courses by

University of Durham - life on Hadrian's Wall (excellent)
The O.U.'s First World War course (very good)
Birmingham Uni - history of aircraft WWI and development of air power (most disappointing).

Now, I'm studying corpus linguistics with Lancaster Uni, and it's another excellent course. This time it overlaps with a level 3 O.U. course E304. Or more precisely, complements E304 even tho' the two courses are independent of each other.

The tutor for E304 has been in touch about Manchester tutorials. She's changed the timing of the first two; they are now 3 hours instead of two. That means it will be even more worthwhile making the journey.