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Monday 24 June 2019

Has been a while but...

Latest shenanigans political and supposedly environmental have become irksome.

Also the vagaries of trial by social media have caused me to wonder whether and why folks with high academic achievements are really so gullible. 

I can put a lot of it down to upbringing Northern Grit embedded deep within ones bones. The culture of times long gone when being truthful was exemplary and to be aimed at on all occasions.

As a friend of mine has said so many times and she believes it - the mills of God grind exceeding slow, yet they grind exceeding fine. I.e. when popular anthropomorphic justice fails, there's a higher power to rely on.

Seeking to be truthful and to eschew all forms of lawlessness, another saying my friend uses - it means I can look myself in the face in the morning without any qualms i.e. my conscience is clear.

The media bleats on and on about Climate Change, 'scuse me whilst I yawn. All this fuss and bluster over something for which there is no 'sticking-plaster' fix. 

I've been studying Anthropogenic Climate Change for decades...Decades...
Hence, present-day click-bait scaremongering irks me. Social media fed by the chattering classes droning on and on...

People sounding off for the sake of opining on-line in order for similar opinionated folk to join in usually venting spleen and posting vitriolic diatribes.