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Friday 18 April 2014

Neither Yay nor Nay

I must admit to being puzzled... 

For instance, there's the Campaign to End child poverty in the UK. I can imagine some folk wondering whether it's needed. The answer is a whole-hearted and resounding 'Yes'. 

The Office for National Statistics publish information on all sorts of topics.

Looking at N.W. England, child poverty levels:
Manchester 42%
Oldham 30%
Liverpool 35%
Knowsley  33%

One of my blogging friends lives in Chelmsford where child poverty is 12%

Another campaign made the headlines.. End Hunger Fast. call to end hunger in the sixth richest nation in the world
"On Wednesday 16th April national papers reported the staggering truth that 1 million people in the UK received emergency food parcels in the last year."

13.5 million people in the UK live in poverty.
Tax evasion and suchlike actions by the wealthy cost the UK £70 billion per year!

Yet, UK has the third highest GDP in the European Union.

No wonder I feel puzzled...