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Tuesday 17 November 2015

Over 100 years later

and similarities remain...

I've only read part way through, and the notes make for an interesting read.

Education, still a headline grabber in the early 21st century, but what about in the late 1800s?

Recently, I came across a report book (on-line) written in the 1800s by those in charge of a School in the Peak District. 

June 1887, 'The results are very uneven'. 

'Attendance only moderate',
'A large number of children absent in consequence of fever being prevalent in the families'.

Schools are in and their inhabitants are from nearby communities. Nature vs. Nurture.

April 1875

The Head Teacher understood his pupils and their families remarkably well. He saw the effect of events in and around the school and attempted to respond accordingly.

December, 1874, the winter temperatures being bitterly cold, neither masters nor pupils could hold writing instruments well enough to write. School closed on Christmas Eve. It re-opened on the 28th at the request of parents and pupils. Although cold, school was better than local homes.

July 1883
''The state of the Infants Class is creditable to the Mistress. She should have more assistance. 
There should be a teacher's desk'.


Saturday 14 November 2015

Pauvre Paris!

Printable Emotions Colouring Pages
Today, the Western world is reeling from the horrific news from France. 

What I find even more appalling are the damning comments from the apologists seeking to 'justify' the actions of mass murderers. 

I suspect some will un-friend me...if so..good riddance.