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Monday 7 September 2009

ought not to laugh but...

how ridiculous! Chatting with former colleague, I learnt she has done nothing to improve her tech skills in last 8 years!
Now, she's in a situation where she needs to learn to use Windows Vista asap. Fine, but...this is the person who couldn't cope with computers running on Windows 95!

Made me laugh when she didn't know which operating system new pressie laptop works on...

Work is expecting her to become au fait with Office 2007, never having even managed to cope with Office 2003. Her aim, to learn to use Word 2007 and PowerPoint in one day. Go figure...

time passes so quickly

Hadn't realised quite how long it was since previous post. (slapped wrist).
Last few days there have been worrisome news reports from my home town. Fires broke out in the town centre.
Mixed reports, some say *not arson* but...unlikely coincidences.

Found out first via Twitter, then Facebook n lastly a text message.