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Saturday 25 February 2017

To everything change...

There's a backwater in the furthest stretch of Cornwall that's made its way into news media. Over the years Pendeen remained the quietest of quiet backwaters undiscovered by many until Winston Graham's 'Poldark' series was made anew for the small screen. Its 1st on-screen incarnation was before the days of mass media. 'Poldark' was a quaint series starring Angarhed Rees (1944-2012) as 'Demelza' and Robin Ellis as 'Poldark'. In the 1970s that was one of my favourite TV series to watch.

Moving on to the 21st century and another airing this time a much more modern version, more of its time and less truthful to the original books, So what? on might ask. Isn't it good to update series? For what it is worth I have no problem with the various incarnations of the story.

The problem lies with a body that likes to portray itself as conservationist and all-round do-gooder.

They have noticed an influx of visitors travelling along the Cornish coast to view locations made famous by the recent TV series.

Rubbing their hands with glee; they have set up machines to collect money from sight-seers.

This has annoyed and upset local people of the Penzance - St. Just area. They are incensed at the insensitivity of the large organisation...and quite rightly so. 

Contrary to the stated 'coastal management' scheme mooted by that organisation...this wild coast does not require 'management' nor interference from them 'Up country'. 

According to media reports, the first toll machine at Levant was soon uprooted and destroyed. Vehement protests have been made by locals at the lack of respect for the area shown by the organisation demanding charges. 

It is a former mining area and family ties run deep. Everyone knows everyone else in the locality. Upset one and you upset all. Historical events are alive for the local folk. They still remember the Levant Mining Disaster as tho' it were yesterday.