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Saturday 25 August 2012


Twitter has me fascinated because of the various police forces tweeting about their canine companions.
West Yorkshire PD (Police Dogs) is my favourite.

Thursday 16 August 2012

roller-coaster Friday

Sunshine returns and with it (of course) hay fever. Then if like me you're daft enough to watch/listen to the news; everything is suddenly 'doom and gloom (again).
Next, having bought a meter to check blood sugar levels, OH decided today was the day to give it a try out. Guess who hadn't charged it fully (me). So there was a delay and time for me to re-read documentation and instructions; visit the Bayer web site, log in and confirm registration details.
I'd hoped by now one of our close friends would have paid us a visit for a 'show and tell' as he recommended the device. After a bit of trial and error...success. Why are we blood testing at home? OH dislikes going to see the GP and everyone at the surgery, he's also 'had enough' of going to see 'Vampyra'.